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How You Can Help

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us!

Site Supervisors

We need people to manage volunteer schedules and be on site to supervise adult mentors, youth instructors and adult participants.

Adult Mentors

Adults to help mentor our youths in oral communication, presentation skills, and simply be there to help if the kids have questions!

Youth Guides

The cornerstone of our program! We’re looking for kids who are excited about technology and know their way around cellphones and apps. Troubled, at risk, and bilingual teens are welcome.

Grant and Fundraising Supervisor

Someone to help us identify, schedule and compose grant submissions and supervise fundraising events.

Fundraising Coordinators

We need a team of energetic, bubbly people to help us brainstorm, schedule and conduct fundraising and brand awareness appearances and events.

Venue Scout

Someone to help us find and woo new locations to host CCLAC events and classes.

College Interns and Graduate Students

We welcome all college and university students working on a thesis to coordinate their studies with our efforts. CCLAC offers students a lot of scope and there are opportunities to explore and conduct experiments in data gathering, demographics, communication, education, technology use and social issues.


We are looking for new board members to help guide CCLAC’s efforts and help us grow so we can help more people!

The majority of the work we do is by phone or email, but we also need people who are willing to work with adults and kids onsite.

We are looking for people who can organize their schedule, focus on the tasks to be completed and who are self-directed.

Some will be doing hands-on volunteer work, while others can help us with very important written proposals and documents, and others can be doing promotional work.

Sonora / Guanjuato / Navajo

We would be delighted to have individuals available to work in our existing projects in Sonora, the State of Guanjuato, MX, and the Navajo Reservation.

Connections into or through the Arizona-Mexico Commission would be of great interest.

Affiliation with University of Arizona projects are of particular interest.

Do you have space for a Social Communication Center?

We are looking for locations/venues that can provide their own floor space, desks, tables, chairs, and computers. We work “outside the box” in collaboration with other existing programs and sites, so our capital needs are few. All we really need are chairs, desks, tables, computers, cellphones and enthusiastic volunteers and sponsors!

We also work with established non-profit and education centers to get collaborative or gifted funding for your Social Communication Center site.


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