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CCLAC Social Communication Centers are turnkey, self-replicating centers that foster a teaching/learning relationship between youth and adults, including disadvantaged youth, ESL youth and seniors.

Social Communication Centers

Youth are often very adept at using technology and the internet, but often at the expense of inter-personal relationships—they can become disconnected from ‘real life’ social skills like discussion, debate, and diplomacy.

We encourage youth to use their digital skills in a positive way. We honor their skills and encourage them to use those skills as volunteers and youth leaders in their community.

By forming one-on-one relationships between youth and seniors, CCLAC Social Communication Centers also introduce IT-savvy youth to older mentors who can teach them how to navigate family dynamics, career challenges and life choices.

Our program also helps adults and seniors gain the skills they need to thrive in a digital age. Adults can select activities from our self-directed curriculum, and our youth volunteers will help them learn how to access their bank accounts and medical records, safely store passwords, save and send photos, connect with loved ones on social media, apply for jobs, and study genealogy.

CCLAC Social Communication Centers can be incorporated into any existing classroom or venue. We work with our partners to customize our program to your needs.


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